Wildscreen-at-Bristol challenges your view of the natural world and reveals the amazing diversity of life on Earth - from its simple beginnings to the colourful complexity of life today. Using a spellbinding combination of live plants and animals with stunning images and sounds, a visit to Wildscreen is truly unique experience.

Wildscreen is part of at-Bristol, a brand new visitor destination on the city's revitalised Harbourside. At-Bristol is a £97 million Millennium landmark project which also incorporates Explore-at-Bristol, a 21st Century science centre and the West's first IMAX® Theatre. More than 250 000 people visited at-Bristol within 3 months of its official launch in July, making it one of the most successful Millennium projects in Britain.

Linking naturally to the waterfront and Bristol city centre, at-Bristol is populated with shops, squares and cafés, with plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy the views.

The Wildscreen-at-Bristol 'Presents for the planet' game has been designed and programmed by at-Bristol. Graphics by Firebox.