DA2 [Digital Arts Development Agency]

For 13th of an Electric December, DA2 unwraps the virtual future.

Commissioned from the award winning Limbo Media, this toy spins out the slogans of a rosy cyber-future. You can make them proliferate - or explode .

(reminder: don't forget your space bar)

DA2 Digital Arts Development Agency creates, supports and produces digital arts projects - from internet films or interactive audio installations to virtual novels. We work in partnership with organisations and artists regionally, nationally and internationally. You will find DA2 projects at http://www.da2.org.uk

Limbo media is one of the South West's youngest and inventive digital design companies, based in Plymouth. Currently for DA2, Limbo Media is developing The Canterbury Tales as an VRML interactive television project with the University of Plymouth. http://www.limbomedia.com