Afterworld by Simon Poulter is the Clark/DA2 Digital Bursary supported by Watershed, DA, UWE and the JA Clark Charitable Trust. The work is a web site, a table, a java applet, a card game, a list server and also contains live elements.

Simon Poulter has established a national profile working across digital media, installation and live art. Poulter's work is often iconoclastic, irreverant and probing in nature; working simultaneously on and offline. Within this approach he develops an alternative working process with software and hardware. In 1999 he built Microhenge, a large steel monument based on Stonehenge which incorporates the latest flat screens and a G3 computer ( This year Poulter has constructed the 'Slacker Table' - a glass table enabling Watershed café users to surf for free, play games and watch DVDs. He is presently consulting regarding the installation of a web camera installation at the Tate Modern in London.

Simon says:
"My work often takes humour as the starting point, I like pushing technologies in different ways - finding other ways of developing content. The present I've made for Electric December is another facet of Afterworld, a kind of hybridised heart monitor with disembodied voices. I want to invite all Electric December users to follow the final stages of Afterworld - where they will pick up the on and offline trail and maybe even attend the Afterworld Finalé in Bristol."

Additional work by Simon Poulter can be found at, and

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