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What is 2003 offers two presents a day in a selection box of over 40 short films, games, animations, music, puppeteering and disco dancing which reflect the theme of 21, following Watershed’s 21st birthday celebrations this year.

These digital distractions are a gift from the South West and reflect the huge wealth of digital creativity and talent currently emerging from the region. Every day from Monday 1 December dip in and unwrap the new and unique digital presents as you count down the days to the festive season. 2003 - the fifth year of Watershed’s seminal digital advent calendar - sees the project getting bigger and better as creatives, schools, artists and community groups from Cornwall & Plymouth join with Bristol & Bath contributors to double the fun.

It involves education and community groups working in partnership with professionals and artists. These partnerships ensure that skills are pooled and shared and that the world of creativity on the internet is revealed, explored and discussed.

The connections are made in the real as well as the virtual world – despite the wide geographic spread of the contributors a real network of sharing and partnerships has been generated across the region.

This year’s contributors include individuals from over 20 schools and colleges, and over 40 community projects, artists groups and media and creative companies.

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As well as opening the presents you can look at a page called 'About the Makers'.

There is a button at the top of every present, which tells you about the people that created the present, gives further information and has links to related sites.

For a full list of this year's contributors please visit the credits page.

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We'd love to get your feedback on the presents. At the top of each present is a feedback button - do send us a message.

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site requirements

To find out more about any browser plug-ins you might need and general requirements about the site, please see the 'need help?' page.

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on show 2003 is available via public access computers at Watershed, on Bristol's Harbourside and is free to view.

Bristol libraries are also giving access to 2003 on their public internet computers. If you live in Bristol why not drop in to your local library to see the presents other people in your community have made.

In Watershed's Concourse 1 from 21 November 2003 to 10 January 2004, there is also an exhibiton of work by some of this year's contributors, showing the process they have gone through to create their presents.

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subscribe 2003 is a Watershed project. Join Watershed's free e-listing service and receive regular updates of screenings, events and exhibitions at Watershed plus special offers.

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The last four years of are still available to view.
Follow this link to choose a year to view. 2002 involved collaborations between 14 media companies, 8 arts organisations, 13 educational organisations, 7 artists and 8 community groups. The transfer of skills through these collaborations involved 324 people (187 of whom were under 25). The published results were viewed from over 50 different countries.

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Follow this link to view Watershed Media Centre's Intellectual Property Rights Policy for online publishing.

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