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Day 01

Being 21: Euro RSCG Circle (Circle)

In a park surrounded by Bristol buildings and landmarks, a cross-section of people of varying ages from Bristol communities give their personal views on what becoming, being or having been 21 means to them.

The Real Santa: Last Friday

Does your child doubt the existence of Santa? Do they need proof that Father Christmas exists? In this magical present use digital media to ensure that the wonder of the festive period is maintained for another year.

Day 02

Building Blocks: Architecture Centre & Paul Matson

How much do you notice about the buildings you pass every day? Find out by becoming a 'house detective' in this online game. Match the details to the correct buildings and learn some interesting facts about our built environment.

21 SK8 Moves: Mount Hawke SK8 Park, AV3 Media, Laura Hardman & Simon Harvey

An interactive video demonstrating 21 skate board moves. Pan around the skatepark, watch the tricks and experience every angle of this thrilling ride.

Day 03

21 Things to Remember: Roaring Girl Productions & Liz Crow

12-year old Ruby has 21 things to remember, so she counts them off on her fingers and toes.

1 I am a teen rock chick
2 Sugar rots your teeth
3 And vegetables rock
4 Once upon a time they'd have left me on a mountainside
5 Best of all I like mermaids...

But doesn't she realise she's going to run out at 20? The solution lies in her shoes.

21 Things to Remember is a short tale of difference, cheek and perfect practicality.

Digital Bomb: Soraya Phillips at Devonport High School for Boys, Saltash Community School & iDAT

Wanna be a graffiti bomber? This is interactive digital graffiti where you manipulate digital stamps to place on various ‘'sites’' ranging from traditional objects such as walls and buildings to the more bizarre –- like the ubiquitous Cornish pasty and Newquay surfboards. Digital Bomb is the start of a new online graffiti community for the South West.

Day 04

Wacky Races 21: Node, Hotwells Primary School & Ashton Gate Primary School

To mark 21 years of portable computer gaming which has inspired adults and children alike, Wacky Races 21 is a fun retro-style racing game set in Bristol’'s floating harbour. Children from two primary schools were asked to design their own ’'wacky races’' type boats to become part of the game. A selection of these designs have been incorporated into the game and there is also a Wacky Races Gallery of all the designs.

Looking In, Looking Out: Leticia Valverdes, Nixon Design & Cape Cornwall School

A photographic film exploration of young people's identity, that portrays two different aspects of daily life –- the intimate and the public. Looking In involves looking at every day routines, domestic and private, exploring personal spaces and feeling within the home. Looking Out involves any aspect of life outside the home for the young photographers.

Day 05

21 Steps to Disco Heaven: Suited & Booted, Eshoda & Untold

Welcome to Studio 21, where you can take the 21 steps to disco heaven. Pick your disco partner and hit the dance floor. Give them the moves and they’'ll show you their grooves. If you get it right, you'll be dancin' all nite. Burn up the dance floor with all four shakers and prepare to meet your disco maker. And remember you've gotta get down to rise up to disco heaven!

When I’'m 21: AV3 Media, Amanda Lorens & Looe Community School

The aspirations of a group of 14 –- 15 year olds for the future are visualised in a scoring game with a difference –- choose what you’'d like to be when you're 21 and see if you can beat the clock to get there!

Day 06

21st Century Music: REMIX, CYMAZ, Colston Hall & Nameless UK

Top tunes crossing all genres, created by musicians from REMIX and CYMAZ projects, are linked to top-flight animations that you control. An audio-visual experience that you'll come back to time and time again.


A Sprinkling of Linking: BITA (Bristol International Twinnings Association) & Bath Spa University College

Bake a digital Birthday cake commemorating the friendship between Bristol and its twin cities. Juggle some wild ingredients, watch out for flying flour, experiment with extraordinary decorations and become the new digital Jamie Oliver.

Pasty Panic: Traffik Cone Design

An extraordinary game featuring the star export of Cornwall... The Pasty. Lightning strikes the pasty factory one night and the conveyor belts comes alive, lobbing pasties everywhere. You are the night watchman who must collect all the pasties and box them up. Pick up a large pasty and whiz around, pick up a burnt pasty and grind to a nerve-shattering halt. Drop all the pasties and you are history.

Day 08

Wild Animations: At-Bristol Summer Schools | ARKive

Twenty-one amazing animated animals have been discovered in some extraordinary habitats. Find out more about these fascinating and fantastical beasts and watch how they behave in their unnatural environments.

Sustainable Gift Giving & Agenda 21: Lanlivery Community Primary School, Sustainable Trust, Pip Richards, Steve Hiddleton, Dominica Williamson, Dixie Deane, Mary Neale & Lloyd Peake

A digital gift in exchange for a piece of mail art, a counterpart to Christmas, an exchange system between culture and nature, a parallel in real and virtual space, an educational experience for the public - ensuring engagement in the project and inclusiveness through workshops with children, people with disabilities and old age pensioners.

Day 09

21 Wishes: acta (access, creativity, theatre, arts)

21 Wishes explores the future hopes of 21 members from eight acta theatre groups. From Fishponds to Filton you will witness the light-hearted to the poignant as they scratch into the future.

Peace One Day Dance: Camborne Science & Community College, Cornwall College MultiMedia Department & Cathy Lewis

Centred on a UN day (Peace One Day) formation dancing will be used to create graphic forms/shapes. A digital sequence that incorporates short video clips and still images taken from a high viewpoint.

Day 10

Dani and the Butterflies: Withywood School, Kirsty Mackay & Simon Johnson with Creative Partnerships

A beautiful 60 second animation created by combining evolving photograms of children and butterflies. The simplicity of these images go to make an evocative and haunting film.

Watch This Space: Brannel School, AV3 Media, Niall Nash & Jamie Barber

You are the VJ, invited to mix animations and images to funky music using your keyboard to trigger multiple occurrences which will light up the screen.

Day 11

Location Scout: South West Screen with Films@59

You are a location scout - can you match the film to the South West location it was shot in?

Day 12

21st Floor: Statement & Paul Matson

21st Floor is a visual and audio journey to the top of a high rise building. The animation takes you through a harsh and sinister environment as seen through the eyes of an anonymous protagonist. With a dramatic ‘'Grimey' soundtrack of heavy beats and Dizee Rascal influenced UK Garage, 21st Floor is an atmospheric evocation of urban life.

Join the Dots: Quay Interactive & Laura Martin

A festive join-the-dots game, indicators help you create a series of 3 images, each made of 21 dots with a reward at the end.

Day 13

21 Gun Salute: bolexbrothers

bolexbrothers' inimitable, explosive, 21 gun salute to Bristol and Beyond is in honour of all things great and good - using Weapons of Mass Delight, ready to fire imaginations in just 21 seconds.

Day 14

Mapambano Means Struggle: Watershed with Mapambano

A reflection on the key figures of Afrikan descent who have made a contribution to the world’'s history, culture, politics and arts.

Angels from Angles: Mullion School, Laura Hardman & Simon Wheatley

A tableau of discovery exploring what goes to make up an angel, good or bad. 21 angles give you the full picture.

Day 15

Mischievous Ed: Three Legged Dog

It's Ed's birthday. 21 candles are burning on the cake in front of him. He takes a deep breath, blows them all out, sees his life flashing in front of his eyes and makes a wish. Each of the candles on the cake represents one of 21 birthdays in the life of our character Mischievous Ed, who as his name already suggests, is never up to anything good. Rolling over the candles, you can find out what present he received for that birthday, by clicking on it, you can see what he used it for (he's one of the inventive types).

Day 16

The Wills Roundabout: Hartcliffe & Withywood Creative Team (Multi A & Creative Partners)

As you enter Hartcliffe from the North, The Wills Roundabout is often used as a community notice board. From this unique landmark, a whole spectrum of digital work has been created - dream cards, portraits, animation film and an interactive movement, ‘'Kube’'. Merry Christmas!

Giant Gifts: Delabole Community Primary School & Laura Martin

A virtual ‘'story-web' made from the gifts that Class 3 have brought for the Delabole Slate Giant, created by sculptor David Kemp in their school playground. Find out why these objects are so special to each child.

Day 17

Skratch Glove Battle: Submerge, Pixel Monkey, Skratch Glove & Hardcore Monkey Crash

A DJ-esque battle of sonic proportions, a multitude of manic button pressing to out-skill your (real) opponent who is currently playing against you in the opposite window (either Bristol or Cornwall). The battle takes the form of a number of button presses which in turn sets off a session of music and overlaid sounds, this combo must be matched or beaten to progress further… in the end one will fall, and their opponent becomes the victor.

Day 18

21 Bus Route: City Learning Centre @ Brislington & Bedminster Down School

A cartoon strip which highlights the delights of public transport which can take you to a delicious range of places and sights. Every city has a 21 bus route and everyone will take a bus journey once in their lives… won't they?

A Psychogeographical Journey: Sir James Smith's Community School & Glorious Ninth

Collected images, texts and thoughts from a 21 minute ride on the No.21 bus are used to create an evolving interactive journal.

Day 19

Beyond Walls: Arnolfini with Tim Lee & Sara Barbas

Using archived text and images, you are invited to decorate and launch your very own custom-built paper airplane. Watch your creation fly...

Absence of 21: Dobwalls Primary School, Quay Interactive & Joe Ross

A brief exploration of a future time where the number 21 is outlawed in all forms. A strict regime enforces absolute adherence. Through animation we see some of the practical aspects of the imposition of this ludicrous dictate. Perhaps we will find that we are able to define the number 21 more clearly by its absence. Whatever we find, things will be different, that’'s for sure.

Day 20

21 Christmas Addictions: Knowle West Media Project

A room full of 21 party goers waiting for the fun to start. A waiter presents a tray of 21 canapés –- each a symbol. The visitor to the page takes their choice and strange things happen. Spreading virally, the behaviour that each canapé represents, infects or inhabits each person, behaviour becomes repetitive, obsessive, replicating itself over and over, taking hold and transforming the group.

21 Feet Under the Sea: Looe Primary School, Joe Ross & Janine Townsend

A short animated film based on the story “'Dan and the Talking Fish'” which sees Dan turn into a mer-boy and go to a magical and marvellous underwater world with a whole host of talking fish.

Day 21

21 Seconds: NESTA Futurelab, I Am The Mighty Jungulator, squidsoup, Luckwell Primary School & Joe Ruddy

An exciting new puppet animation software has been used to create a wondrous series of five, 21 second animated shorts all of which have an element of secret and surprise within them.

You're Halfway There: studiospaceone

A 21 second animation, with accompanying vocals and soundtrack will also provide intrigue as it plays with the standard rules of time –- as time defines our ‘'halfway there' concept.

Day 22

Dave & The Explosive Ghosts: City of Bristol College

It’'s the night of Watershed’'s 21st birthday party and evil ghosts have stolen the presents that Dave has brought for everyone. You must retrieve the presents and avoid the evil ghosts before you can enter the party. If Dave comes in to contact with one of the spooky phantoms he will explode and if you allow this to happen three times… Dave will die!

Leaf Treats: Port Isaac Community Primary School, Penny Macbeth & Limbo Media Blow the digital leaves across the screen. Each leaf represents a pupil from the school and when it is interacted with, a thumbnail piece of artwork is revealed. Click on the thumbnail to see the artwork in greater detail.

Day 23

2 Mile Hill Sound Machine: Two Mile Hill Infants School & Pete Ridsdale, Echo Park with Creative Partnerships

The 2 Mile Hill Sound Machine is a virtual atmospheric keyboard whose sounds consist of vocal effects, percussion using household items and choreographed 'rustle events', small individual sounds contributing to a larger entity as is heard in such natural phenomena as pebbles in the surf or leaves in the wind. Accompanying images light up as the corresponding sound is played by pressing keys on the computer keyboard.

21 Loopy Looes: Looe Community School & Motiongrafik

Make them dance… Make them jump… Make them shiver and shake… You can make twenty one models spring to life simply by rolling your mouse over them. A quirky animation which gives you the ultimate power!

Day 24

Tear-Away Turkey : CEED Media (Centre for Employment & Enterprise Development)

A confused Turkey escapes an ignominious death and is running amok in the streets of St Pauls. Reveal her adventures in an animated film and help plot her demise in a viciously funny game where you have to stuff our ugly young friend with all things Christmassy - including the Mother-in-Law.

Talking Plants : Looe Community School & Jamie Barber

Short clips of talking robins, broccoli and other things discussing the ethics around sustainability and Agenda 21 in a delightful and funny take on life at the Eden Project.