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Opening the presents
The circles on the calendar each represent a day. Rolling over them reveals a number. During that date in December 2004, the present will be featured on the right-hand side of the page. At any other date, you will need to click on a circle first before you can open anything.

Once a date is selected, simply click on the 'Open this Present' button. This will launch a pop-up window with the gift inside. Once you have finished viewing the gift, click on 'open another present'.

All the presents are accessible at any time by clicking on a circle or scrolling through the menu lists under 'Find a Present'. Organisations and selected individuals can be found this way.

Browser plug-ins
Many of the presents use dynamic extra features that you may not be able to see without downloading some small, additional bits of 'plug-in' software for your browser.

Electric December makes extensive use of Flash content and also some QuickTime and Shockwave - these are the plug-ins you will need to see all the presents.

You may even already have them without knowing it. It's a quick and easy process to check and add these plug-ins. Follow the links below to check whether these plug-ins are correctly installed.

Check your web browser for Flash

Check your web browser for Quicktime

Site Requirements
This site is optimised to run with Version 5+ browsers with a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels. You will need JavaScript enabled in your browser to view the presents. It should be functional with older browsers in most cases and at smaller screen sizes, but you may find a few presentational glitches. Some of the presents require audio or are enhanced by having audio enabled on your computer.

A present window is open but nothing seems to be happening
Some of the presents will take a little while to download - for some presents there is a choice of downloads to match different connection speeds.

Most of the presents rely on you moving your mouse about - roll, click, point, click again and just keep on exploring. Each time you come back to Electric December try the presents again, there may be something you haven't discovered...

Important note for Safari users
If you use the Safari browser, you will need to make sure that the Status Bar is turned off to view the presents at their full height. You can do this through the menu View > Status Bar.

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What is electricdecember.org?

As well as opening the presents you can look at a page called 'About the Makers'. There is a button at the top of every present, which tells you about the people that created the present, gives further information and has links to related sites. For a full list of this year's contributors please visit the credits page.

On Show
electricdecember.org 2004 is available via public computers at Watershed, on Bristol's Harbourside and is free to view.

Bristol libraries are also giving access to electricdecember.org 2004 on their public internet computers. If you live in Bristol why not drop in to your local library to see the presents other people in your community have made.

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