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One of the strengths of Electric December has been the collaboration between different organisations, schools and individuals to produce the digital ‘presents’. Electric December isn't just about making art, or IT projects, it's about experimenting too – so extending those collaborations across a broader section of the curriculum, and maybe working with a range of external ‘helpers’ (eg. performers, scientists, writers… as well as digital artists) has the potential to create some even more diverse and exciting digital content.

We believe there are great potential learning benefits for many more people wishing to engage in similar ventures, so we have created some resources that aim to show you more about how Electric December works.

We hope that by looking behind the scenes and finding out more about planning processes, collaboration between different contributors, development of ideas, production, and technical considerations, you will be inspired to carry out your own creative digital project.


What is electricdecember.org?

Resource downloads as Word documents:
Building a prototype
Technical guidelines
[Mac users: control-click and 'Download Link to Disk']

Selection CD 1999–2004
Watershed has put together a selection CD of 30 presents from Electric December over the 6 years since it first began, both to celebrate creativity and achievement, and to inspire others to ‘have a go’. The CD will be launched in the New Year, details to be announced.

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