Electric December 2006

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We've tried to made this year's calendar as direct as possible so that, in many cases, you are one click away from opening a present.

Rolling over any of the numbered calendar doors with your cursor makes the door pop open and reveals a picture of the present. Details about that
particular day's present and who made it appears in the grey box underneath the calendar.

As in previous years we have considered our visitors different internet
conncection speeds. For example, films (Quicktime files) are generally available in two sizes, Large for fast connection speeds (such as broadband) and Small for slower connections. Please try and be patient with the presents if content does not appear straight away - they may still be loading for you.


This site works best on recent browsers with JavaScript and pop-up windows enabled to view the presents. On older browsers and at smaller screen sizes you may find a few presentational glitches. Some of the presents require audio or are enhanced by having audio enabled on your computer.

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A present window is open but nothing seems to be happening

If you are on a slow or busy internet connection then the presents may take some time to load, so please be patient. Make sure you have the most recent versions of the Quicktime and Flash plug-ins installed. Some presents may require you to choose options so try moving or clicking your mouse.

Who's made the presents?

As well as opening the presents you can look at a page called 'About the Makers'. There is a button at the top of every present, which tells you about the people that created the present, gives further information and has links to related sites. For a full list of this year's contributors please visit the credits page.

Looking for something?

Visit the search page. You can select a present by organisation, school or an individual's name.

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On show in Bristol

Electric December 2006 is available via public computers at Watershed, on Bristol's Harbourside and is free to view. Try out the interactive dance mat in the foyer, for a more unusal way of opening the presents.

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