Electric December Screening Event

So… we’ve now had over 80 entries from countries including Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and the UK- which is pretty exciting! The next step is for members of the Electric December steering group to help shortlist the 24 films that actually will be presented online at electricdecember.org and at the official launch in Bristol and Vilnius on 1st December.

Members of the Electric December steering group during the screening event.

On Saturday 17th October we had a first Short Film Programming session at Watershed to kick things off and started watching some of the entries. This was led by Mark Cosgrove, Watershed’s Head of Programme, who has just finished programming the Encounters Short Film Festival – http://www.encounters-festival.org.uk. He’s also currently taking part in the judging process for The Sutherland Trophy at the Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival which is an Award given to first time filmmakers-


Members of the steering group view the films.

Here’s a couple of tips from Mark about going through the selection process for Electric December:

- Remember that filmmakers often ask for feedback and reasons about why their films was or wasn’t picked so it’s really worth thinking about your reasons for selecting or rejecting a film beyond “I like it/ I don’t like it”.

- It’s always a very difficult process and it’s only really after watching quite a few of the films that you will begin to get a sense of what you might end up selecting.

- Ideally, you should probably watch all the films once, then you might want to go back and review them before making any final judgement as first impressions can be misleading before you have an overview of the entries (or with a bit of time and distance.).

- It’s good to take notes about the films as you’re going through the selection process, even if it’s just a word as it helps you remember what it was you liked or disliked about a film.

- Finally, it’s worth using consistent judging criteria to help you rate all the films. For in the ED09 films: “unique, capturing experience, original, memorable, inspiring and expressive.” Think about those when you are rating films.

The Electric December steering group are now in the process of selecting the films- watch this space for the shortlist!

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