eShed/Electric December @ Borders, Paris

Felix in Paris

Arriving on Thursday Tim and me were both very anxious as to what to expect. Would we be greeted by hording crowds, limos and paparazzi? No. We wouldn’t. However it was a pleasant surprise to catch sight of a poster for the film “The Box”, which after a few moments dawned on us to be some Hollywood nonsense and not our modest short. After a meeting with the crew, friendly Frederic being the leader, we left high hopes for the coming few days. We were happy that on the Friday we were handed a camera and told to “film happiness”, which got both of us into our creative elements (see clips and photos). After a day full of bird watching and jaunty angles, we wanted nothing more than to venture into Paris to check out the hotspots. From then till Saturday morning is a bit of blur. Needless to say Saturday was slow, but productive. We managed to squeeze something out of the resources given and both us and the rest of the Borders team were highly surprised by some of the crews’ clips. Unfortunately we had to fly back before we could see the final event, which from what we can gather was a combination of live VJing and pre-prepared short films. Overall, it was the hospitality, creativity and dedication that impressed me most about the team, as well as their erratic eating habits…

by Mr. Felix Drake

Filming swans

Filming a tower block in Paris

Working at Borders

to view more photos and some words from eShed project co-ordinator Tim Crawley go here

Many thanks to Borders Team and Frederic – for more info on Borders click here

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