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All of the presents on Electric December 2009 are films which require the QuickTime 7 or higher plug-in to view them. You can download this free plug-in via the link below:

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As in previous years we have considered our visitors' different internet connection speeds. Please be patient if the film does not appear straight away - it may still be loading for you. All of the films require audio.

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This site works best on recent browsers with JavaScript enabled. On older browsers and at smaller screen sizes you may find a few presentational glitches. If you are having problems using this site and viewing content, please make sure you have downloaded the most recent browser for your computer. A few of the most popular are available via the links below:

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How do I embed the films in my own web pages?

You can show the films from Electric December 2009, in your own web page, blog, MySpace page… etc. by copying the HTML source supplied and pasting it into your own page. Each day's film page has a text box in white below the film, with the web page source you will need. Simply copy and paste into your own pages. Note: ensure you copy every last bit of the text provided or the film will not be displayed. Select some of the text in the field and then use the Select All item from your browser's Edit menu before copying the text.

What is a podcast and how do I subscribe?

You can think of a podcast as being like a magazine because you subscribe to it and receive new content regularly. What sets podcasts apart is that they can be automatically downloaded to your computer and synced to your MP3 player without you having to remember to check for new programmes. It's done for you. The podcast from this year's Electric December is available through iTunes, for quick and easy delivery of a new film each day from the 1st to the 24th of December.

To subscribe to the podcast, click on the Subscribe link below any of the films (or click here) in the browser and you will automatically be taken, using iTunes, to the subscription page. Click on the small button labelled Subscribe to automatically receive each present daily.

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'RSS' stands for Really Simple Syndication. In the bottom-left of the calendar page, you will find a 'RSS' news feed button. News feeds deliver information about what is new or has changed on a web site. Find out more about RSS feeds

Who's made the presents?

You can find information about the makers of each film on the page of that particular film. For a full list of this year's contributors please visit the about page.

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Visit the search page. You can select a present by organisation or an individual's name.


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