Day 18

A still image from The Life Maker

The Life Maker

Steven Wells

A moody black and white animation that features an introspective Lego man reflecting on life and his very existence.

  1. 01

    …and then I found you (Becky’s story)

    Selina Keedwell and Minehead Youth Theatre

    A girl attempts to escape her profound boredom by visiting the seaside in this hypnotic film – can she find relief in the sea and sky?

  2. 02

    Aqua Bubble

    First Light / Muck Primary School, Island of Muck

    A girl who throws rubbish and steals boats is taught a lesson when she lands in a bubble at the bottom of the ocean.

  3. 03

    Better late than never

    Penry Downey / Fairfield High School

    Penry utilises his slick free-running skills to race, leap, slide, jump and roll around the city in a desperate attempt to arrive in time for his school exam.

  4. 04

    Caught On Camera

    Ana Mares and Roxana Savastru

    When a girl misplaces her camera in a bookshop, a boy picks it up and gets her photographs developed. What will happen next?

  5. 05

    Choices of Life

    Mahu Theodor

    Cards, mountain bike racing and art are just some of the extra curricular activities enjoyed by a group of students who learn in the same class but share almost nothing but friendship.

  6. 06


    Tania Martins

    Twin sisters who never knew the other existed finally get to meet in this unsettling short.

  7. 07


    Pavel Višňovský

    Drum out your own rhythm and live your dreams – be inspired by this energetic film.

  8. 08

    Fáradtság / Weariness

    Máté Szombath

    A young punk boy on a faceless housing estate spends the day overcoming his hangover then starts the circle over again by texting the number scrawled on his arm…

  9. 09

    Hug a Tree

    Andreea Dobre

    A cute experimental stop motion animation featuring huge colourful hands happily embracing a tree trunk.

  10. 10

    More Than Ballet

    Kristina Janulyte and Skalvija Film Academy

    A fascinating insight into the backstage world of ballet as a group prepare for a performance by rehearsing, applying makeup and bandaging sore feet.

  11. 11

    Mr. Money $aver

    Adelina Manzateanu

    A unique take on saving money featuring masked superheroes, runaway cowboys, bellydancing and hand-to-hand combat!

  12. 12

    Strange Faces in New Places

    The Curzon Community Cinema, Find Your Talent and Nailsea Youth House

    Meet Aggie McSpeedy, Stacy Gurner, Aly Coholic, Mike Shroom and others – they’re all creative personifications of recreational drugs.

  13. 13

    The Ice Cream Film

    Oska Bright / Carousel with Chelsea Bosworth, Chay Watts, Ryan O’Donoghue, Merlin Burrows, Solly Yanez and Amy Kemp

    A colourful, imaginative combination of animation and live action brings to life the ice cream dreams of a group of children – yummy!

  14. 14

    The Decision

    Sharp Shotz with Team Youngerz - S. Vijaykumar, N. Doe, L. Sheikh, N. Anjum. Animator: Sam Walsh

    A bullied boy contemplates a decision that could change the entire course of his life in this reflective animation.

  15. 15

    True Reflections

    Sharp Shotz with B. Massey, C. Humphrey, M. Glanville, W.Humphrey, J.Handley, L.Box. Animator: Sophie Lowden

    A party reveller ends what could have been a great night out by drinking too much alcohol and transforming into a monster.

  16. 16


    Students of Whytrig Middle School, in association with Arpeggio Films

    A school caretaker finds an abandoned phone by the school bike shed. When it rings, he thinks nothing of answering it – leading him on an ominous quest with unexpected results!

  17. 17

    Stamp It

    Commonweal School

    An energetic group of young people count the real cost of smoking in what seems like an innocent adventure in the woods.

  18. 18

    The Life Maker

    Steven Wells

    A moody black and white animation that features an introspective Lego man reflecting on life and his very existence.

  19. 19

    The Box

    First Light, Eshed and Felix Drake

    An imaginative docu-drama that examines the life of a low income family feeling the strain of the recession.

  20. 20

    Virtual Friends

    Durham County Council, The Forge and Arpeggio Films

    Pop star, secret agent – it’s easy to take on a different persona online. Jessica and Eugina don’t realise that the truth about their online chats lies closer to home…

  21. 21

    Vox Boxes

    Charlie Hogg

    A groovy little experimental film that explores the relationship between sound and image.

  22. 22


    Solomon Walter Kelly

    A man who is on the brink of giving up falls into a lucid fantasy that seems to give him new strength in this contemplative, lovingly filmed short.

  23. 23

    Wonderful World

    First Light and Cherry Tree Primary School

    This charming short tracks a year in the countryside, imaginatively animating nature and the changing seasons.

  24. 24

    Zero Tolerance on Anti Social Behaviour

    Digital Fish

    Jordan writes a letter to the Prime Minister highlighting the anti social behaviour she faces every day on the streets. Shouldn’t we be allowed to walk around without any fear for our safety?

Welcome to Electric December, Watershed’s annual countdown calendar celebrating the very best short films from young people across Europe.

Young people from across Bristol, including students from Fairfield High School, helped shape this year’s Electric December as part of the Fresh Flix Festival (1 Nov – 1 Dec 2010). Unwrap, watch and enjoy a diverse selection of 24 mini masterpieces and be inspired!

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