1. Day 1


    Ralph Whitehead, David Clark (actor)

    A young boy awakens to discover he is bleeding, and experiences a series of flashbacks which reveal the origins of his wound…

  2. Day 2

    A Bangladeshi Folktale

    First Light & Middlesbrough Football Club Study Support

    An old lady and a greedy merchant have their fortunes reversed by an enormous bear, in this amusing fable.

  3. Day 3

    A Singer’s Story

    Fairfield High School Animation Club

    A drunken singer slurs his way through a performance and almost ruins his career.

  4. Day 4

    A Vegetable Adventure

    Stella Hughes and Stanley Hughes

    A team of renegade veggies launch a Kamikaze attack to combat the poor eating habits of an unsuspecting junk food addict.

  5. Day 5

    As Young As Yesterday. (Jauna vakardiena)

    Mareks Kolats & Dana Jasinkevica

    An experimental short that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and imagination, examining the relationship between man and nature.

  6. Day 6


    First Light & Suited and Booted

    A beautiful short film exploring the bittersweet pangs of unrequited love. Two’s company, but three’s a crowd…

  7. Day 7

    Cloud Jumper

    First Light & Royd Nursey Infant School

    Foggypogs falls asleep and travels through several worlds in his computer game. Was the adventure real or just a dream?

  8. Day 8


    First Light & Knowle West Media Centre

    A beloved granddad and former champ, whose advice was ‘to follow your dreams’ inspires Harry, a young boxer, to fight.

  9. Day 9

    Elephant Caterpillar Cloud

    Lachie and Finn Robinson

    A short animation telling the story of a family trip on a flying elephant to visit a caterpillar that lives on a cloud.

  10. Day 10


    Rural Media Company - Shoot Out

    Eliza slips in and out of consciousness, experiencing classroom jeers, a teddy-bear overload, and a peculiar picnic in this surreal comedy.

  11. Day 11

    Emotion, or how someone feels/ Emolszyn, czyli jak kto czuje

    Karolina Sypniewska, Dominika Sajdak

    A heart-warming short that explores the full spectrum of human emotion to surprisingly comic effect.

  12. Day 12


    First Light & SKAMM

    A glimpse at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop shortly before demolition and redevelopment.

  13. Day 13

    Hugz ‘n’ Kisses

    Letitia Jarrett, Catherine Pitt, Cleo Whittingham

    Some friendships die, some friendships fade, some friendships last a lifetime…

  14. Day 14

    Olympic Dream

    First Light & Poplar HARCA

    Four young women escape their frustrations by dreaming about the possibilities of the future in the shadow of the Olympic park.

  15. Day 15

    Paige’s film

    Paige Alford

    Paige likes trampolining. As the seasons role on, she trampolines through all weather…

  16. Day 16

    Shane Dolston’s Drug Story

    Suited and Booted Studios

    A young man chronicles his battle with drugs, and the losses he has endured in his fight with addiction.

  17. Day 17

    Sheep’s Journey - Episode 5/The Silver World

    The Hackney Pirates

    A sheep embarks on a bizarre journey through glistening, silver terrain in this surreal stop-motion animated short.

  18. Day 18

    Space, Friends and a Hole Lotta Negative Energy

    First Light & Eigg Primary School

    After borrowing her parents spaceship a friendly alien needs help from the children of Eigg Primary School to return home.

  19. Day 19

    Sweet Dreams

    Charlie Nevett

    Strange, fragmented visuals create the stuff of nightmares in this disturbing, hallucinogenic short.

  20. Day 20

    The Sad Magician

    Suited and Booted Studios CIC, Joe McPhee

    The magician feels sad and listless, until he has a bright idea in this fun and inventive pixilation animation.

  21. Day 21

    Tick Tock

    First Light & Fast Forward

    A class of students break the boredom of detention with killer moves, rumbling sub-bass, and percolating rhythms…

  22. Day 22

    Wall-Mation POV

    Suited and Booted Studios CIC

    A youth animation project in which graffiti and stop-motion collide to create this kaleidoscopic visual extravaganza.

  23. Day 23


    Alfie Barker

    An unlikely witness brings new resonance to the notion of an ‘unspeakable act’…

  24. Day 24

    Zero G

    Sam Renton & James Wilkinson

    A fantastical stop-motion animation about one man's ambitions of flight.

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