1. 1Day 1

    Adrenaline Junkie

    Lydia St Phillip

    This moving documentary follows Kevin Scott, a motorcyclist who manages to regain his action–packed lifestyle after a serious accident.

  2. 2Day 2

    Asking Out Tim

    My Pockets, Tiverton High School and First Light

    Ah, young love – it’s a losing game. You can ask out Tim all you like, but he’s just not that into you. Maybe it’s because you smell of cheese?

  3. 3Day 3


    Katie Marland

    This eerie, dystopic short follows a young girl as she struggles against a bleak, ominous future of censorship and control.

  4. 4Day 4


    First Light and Red Dog Film

    In Victorian England a young man is confronted with a hard lesson when he steals from his friends. Will he learn from his mistake, or will he try to steal his way out of trouble?

  5. 5Day 5


    Joseph Lowe

    Inspired by the graffiti of Bristol, a stack of art materials burst to life as the break–dancer explores the frame in this teeny, tiny short.

  6. 6Day 6

    Full Time Occupation

    John Cabot Academy, Bristol

    Tyler Street has a problem… It’s Tyler Street and his habit. He is trusted by others to be an example to others, but he’s the wrong example!

  7. 7Day 7

    Green Bread

    Calling The Shots with Maeve, Nell, Robert, Edward, Angus and Hamish

    Made in a day in the Christmas holidays, this film is a zany exploration of international relations and decaying food!

  8. 8Day 8

    Hunt (Polowanie)

    Agnieszka Konarska

    A raven finds he is trapped and surrounded in this atmospheric animated short. But will his situation really improve if he escapes?

  9. 9Day 9

    Justin and the Priceless Vase

    Arpeggio Films, Beacon Hill Sixth Form College and First Light

    Justin the Bellboy encounters chaos when guests at Hotel Talk To The Hand find their luggage has been mixed up – with potentially shattering results!

  10. 10Day 10


    Resource Productions and First Light

    Adrian flees a violent scene and boards an elevator – but where will it take him?

  11. 11Day 11

    Let the Games Begin

    Oska Bright & Carousel

    In 2012 learning disabled athletes were reintroduced into the Paralympic Games for the first time in 12 years. This film celebrates the re–inclusion, exploring all the emotions of winning, losing, waiting, watching, and competing.

  12. 12Day 12


    Giulio Fiore

    A bike is stolen, but one mailman’s efforts to catch the thief are unusually heroic…

  13. 13Day 13

    Monster Playground

    Chris Bowman

    The streets of Bristol are morphed into a giant playground, as a gang of monsters race across the city.

  14. 14Day 14


    Leopold Dewolf

    A tension–fuelled road–trip puts love to the test in this brooding stop–motion animated short.

  15. 15Day 15

    Olympic Fortunes

    Wind & Foster, Northamptonshire Bangladeshi Association, Tag Youth and First Light

    The year is 2012 and it is only a few days before the Olympic Games. Clairvoyant Mystic Maggie loses patience with her overly superstitious customers.

  16. 16Day 16

    Penguins Don’t Like Rubbish

    Orchard School Bristol and Becca Rose

    An animated adventure featuring a group of penguins who embark on a mission to stop the source of the pollution drifting down to their home in the South Pole.

  17. 17Day 17

    Just One Person

    All Saints C of E Primary School, Clevedon

    School isn't going at all well for Simon and when a test goes badly, he finds yet another teacher has walked out on him. Will Simon be given another chance?

  18. 18Day 18

    Silence (Cisza)

    Aleksander Pietrzak

    Italian food? Check. Wine? Check. Soft lighting? Check? What could possibly go wrong, in this romantic dinner for two?

  19. 19Day 19

    Sunny Side Up

    Café Studios

    When a girl arrives on the scene and threatens to come between best friends, one friend resorts to egg–streme measures, in this cracking noir–esque short.

  20. 20Day 20

    The Big Splash

    St John's Primary School, Weymouth, Dorchester Arts and First Light

    The Olympic spirit really comes to the fore for a group of best friends after a very naughty seagull threatens to disrupt proceedings…

  21. 21Day 21

    The Butcher’s Son

    Marc Fernandez Garcia

    A young boy wants to open his present the night before Christmas, but there will be serious consequences if his butcher father finds out…

  22. 22Day 22

    The Helpful Dead

    Wyke Regis Junior School, Dorchester Arts and First Light

    Bound by love and destiny: a grieving mother, an Olympic sailor in trouble, and a drowning boy who becomes a local legend…

  23. 23Day 23

    The Reunion

    Simon Doran

    A man prepares himself for a particularly powerful reunion in this contemplative and moving short.

  24. 24Day 24

    The Scarlet Flower

    Suited and Booted

    Derived from Russian folklore, this short animation follows a merchant’s search for a flower requested by his beloved daughter.

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