All About Electric December
All About Electric December
Welcome to Electric December - a 31-day selection box of fun and festive 'virtual chocolates', produced to celebrate Bristol's creative energy at the start of a new millennium.

It works a lot like a traditional advent calendar. Click on the 'Open the calendar' button, at the bottom of this page, and you'll find an array of 'boxes' waiting to be discovered and opened, day by day until Millennium Eve.

Each box contains a specially-designed digital treat: original artwork, newly composed music, video footage, family fun, interactive animation... and because it's electronic, you can't cheat! Each new day's box only unlocks after the chimes of midnight.

Roll over the boxes in the calendar to find out which ones you can open today. Click to open a box and use your mouse pointer to explore all of its treats. Be patient, sometimes there can be a short wait while downloading everything that's in the box. Press the 'Who's behind the box?' button to find out who made the box and to reveal links to other related places in the Web. If you get stuck you can always use the 'Help' button.

And there's more to discover during Electric December:
Join the Electric December Community:

You don't have to give us your e-mail address to use Electric December but if you do, we'll be able to keep you posted about what's happening next as the calendar progresses. We'll also give you information that will help you get the most enjoyment out of the calendar.

We will not be passing your details on to anyone else.

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Treasure Hunt Advent-ure:

Visit all 31 of the windows and you'll be able to take part in an advent adventure - a treasure hunt offering a goody bag of fantastic prizes. Click the button marked 'Treasure Hunt Advent*ure' when you've opened one of the boxes to find out how to play, and what you might win!

Electric MessageBoard:

A big part of Electric December is your involvement. There's a message board where you can leave your messages for other visitors or even put questions and comments to the creators of that day's box. What happens in this part of Electric December is up to you!

Non-virtual Reality:

Electric December isn't only happening in cyberspace... It's more than a website. Call in at Watershed: 1 Canon's Road, Bristol any time between 11am and 7pm throughout December to explore the gallery-based big-screen version of the site. Alongside, there'll be a Net Cafe offering free Internet access, with friendly assistance on hand to talk you through how to make more of the web.

All day on Wednesday 15th December, the creators of the world's number one movie database, IMDb, will be in residence at Watershed. Drop in and they will lead you through the world of IMDb and the Web absolutely free - a must for any movie fan.
Some extra bits and pieces you'll need:

Everyone will be able to sample the first five boxes revealed in Electric December. But to make things as exciting as possible, many of the people who've created digital chocolates have used dynamic extra features that you may not be able to see without downloading some small, additional bits of 'plug-in' software. These 'plug-ins': Flash (needed from day 6), Shockwave (needed from day 7) and QuickTime (needed from day 10) can make the Internet a much more exciting place, so they're well worth getting hold of. You may even already have them without knowing it!

It's a quick and easy process to check and add these new bits. Click the 'Show me more' button and follow the instructions to take your first step into an enhanced Internet experience...
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