The image in our window is the last frame of our new moving logo.

With the launch of our first feature approaching we've produced a animation sequence to identify our films; a bit like the Rank man hitting the big gong, or the lion roaring at the start of MGM films.

The brief for the logo was to try to encapsulate the values of the Aardman studio in a short, graphic piece of film. The essentials are a slightly eccentric view of the world and a handcrafted feel coupled with imagination and wit. And of course the word Aardman had to appear prominently at the end. Luis Cook came up with a piece that also reflects the process of stop-frame animation based on the idea of clockwork and a mechanical figure running. The soundtrack needed to be timeless rather than trendy and we settled on an acoustic sound with a slight jazz, composed and played by Si John.

I hope you'll be there to see all 9.5 seconds when you go to watch Chicken Run in the cinema this summer.

David Sproxton
(co-founder of Aardman)

The moving logo sequence was designed and directed by Luis Cook.