This award winning 3D stop frame and pixilation animation company was officially launched by Dave Borthwick and Richard Hutchison in 1991 for production of the critically acclaimed feature film; "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb". From the outset, Bolexbrothers acquired the reputation of a company focused on the development of experimental techniques - continually stretching the boundaries of animation. This led to award winning commercial work for clients such as Coca Cola, Lego, Budweiser and Carlsberg - which in turn allowed Bolexbrothers to maintain its commitment to innovative film making - stimulating involvement with new directors for short films such as Mike Booth's "The Saint Inspector" and "Little Dark Poet" as well as Martin Davies's "Keep in a Dry Place and Away From Children". These three shorts have done incredibly well on the international festival circuit, and have lead, in turn, to further commissions.

A thriving company, Bolexbrothers looks forward to the future with the development of a new feature film; "Clusterworld", whilst exploring new initiatives in animation, continuing its involvement with educational projects and developing internet-only based productions, in preparation for the new millennium.