Henbury School is a Comprehensive with a reputation for involving outside agencies, community groups and artists in the education of its pupils. The offer of an INTRANET connection to the Watershed and to the Artist Michael Pinsky was not to be missed. The project coincided with the completion of the Henbury Community Learning Centre ( sponsored by Hewlett Packard ).

Using this facility year 10 pupils studying GCSE Art were connected via the Web to an artist and the art event that they eventually visited in the Watershed Gallery ( see the Transparent Room web site ). The pupils then pursued the project beyond the curriculum by building an installation of their own - an inflated paper cube that represented their abilities and frustrations when working as a team. The cube was designed, decorated and build on a day workshop sponsored by the Bristol City Council Arts and Key Skills Project and it gave employers and representatives from businesses the chance to witness how the Arts are effective in developing skills relevant to the work place.