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An International Artists Residency Project which celebrates the 'twinning' of Bristol (UK) & Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia). Online communication is being explored as a tool for creative collaboration and project development. The construction of a 'virtual' studio space is enabling dialogue and exchange of material between the Bristol and Tbilisi artists. The adaptor icon is used to access this 'studio' space and serves as a reminder of the linguistic slip..'electrocity'.. which succinctly conjurs up the reality of erratic power supply in Tbilisi.

"THERE nor HERE is wonderful point for our situation I find more and more in this name. Becouse the context WEST - EAST comes more and more formal and part of the produktion of establishment."
(Koka Ramishvili. Vis.Lab Tbilisi
'adaptor' chat 30/10/99)
ffi email:herenorthere@dial.pipex.com