Click On the Fish
to Play the Incredible SeaHorse Game!

SWIM sponsors The Seahorse Game in this window. Just click on the swimming fish and you'll meet the Catfish Cowboy, who's got himself a problem. Can you help him round up the pesky seahorses escaped from The Ol' Ranch? Once you find them, you can try to lasso them into the corral by positioning your cursor where you think they'll be, hold down your left mouse button and release when you reckon you can drag them down into the corral. Watch out! These varmints are pretty frisky critters! An online throw metre lets you know how big your rope throw is. Once both seahorses are safely in their pen, you'll see a lovely surprise! And you can play the game as many times as you want.

Make sure your browser supports Shockwave, and your speakers are on!

The game, designed and built by Chris Dawson, is just one part of the Online Aquarium module. The whole project was endorsed by SWIM [SW Interactive Media], the trade organisation representing the interactive media industry throughout the SouthWest of England. The entire module is accessible via the Bristol Zoo Gardens website.

All original material contained throughout the Online Aquarium module is copyright of its several creators and cannot be used without written permission of the Executive Producer.